How beautifully the life has changed, and this change has always fascinated me because a not long time back, the only way to see in the future was either by reading George Orwell’s novels or by renting the star wars. Not only these stories were way ahead of our times, but it also gave us the retrospective of an imagination.

The good news is that we are in the future. The Uber is flying, you can digitally wear glasses on your tab and see how it looks on you, you don’t need to type your password any more as your face is your password and all these were an integral part of every Sci-fi film we have ever watched, but every writer made wrong predictions over the villains of such movies and stories. The government or a cyber breach or the aliens are not our enemies in real, not at least yet to the people go for a job. The life cycle and the corporate responsibilities and the urge to rise high are the real villains, isn’t it? If I say Life Balance Program, does it ring any bells in your head? Does it suggest you as some significant issue that we are facing?


achievement-adult-business-937481In the staging period of a working life, no one compels or force you to walk in early in the office and ask you to stay late. The primary business asks you to bring breakthrough results (that’s what the 86.4% of the working class of United States does). Working day and night is a typical way out, and to prove your worth and to justify the salary you draw, you end up subsiding everything in your life and focus only on jobs. What if you were appointed to meet 1.5 times of the previous turnover that your company achieved? A company might give you a place to live in, a car to drive in and a handsome salary to thrive in.

Sadly, this is not what you expected out of your life when the pressure starts dangling over you. The professional life and regular chores starts chocking you with the majority of your time. Prolonged practice of such lifestyle has more dire consequences. Like you were burdened with your demanding job and other carbon responsibilities, and you let it happened to you for a long-long time, and ending up realizing that there is hardly any time left for you and your dreams and your hobbies and most importantly for your family. You are no Spartans who would leave their family to fight for your country, and neither is you serving in the army to collimate the situation.

The Reality Check

You are an executive who wanted a job to earn money and lead a life with balance. You lost it on the way to pursue success and more wealth as a sure thing. Your family does not expect you in the parties anymore. You have been undermining all the family occasions because you think the job is more important and the worst part is ask-blackboard-356079when your contribution to the family nullifies. Neither you want to do the regular errands, nor you do it wholeheartedly if ever forced upon and eventually, a time comes when you are not asked or expected to do the same. Brushing aside such essential parts of life requires a complete one hour of your day.

The Psychologists say that:

When you are facing a work-life balance, you might think of considering the problem-focused coping strategies to hunt the source of the problem. You will haunt yourself with questions like:


  • How can you make your life better?
  • Can you optimize more time and work-place locations?
  • If you must organize the working hours more efficiently.
  • Should you be working less on your projects?

Moreover, there is no end to it. If at the end of the day you think you stand nowhere with the improvement then enlighten yourself with a real answer and that the solution lies in the hands of the management or the hands of the organizational leaders as said by Organizational psychologist Jeffry Pfeffer of Stanford University.

What management can do to this?

1. The real tackle to such conditions can be offered by appointing a helping hand for the errands, which eventually slows down the work progress and morale, to de-occupy the mind can be an efficient solution.

2. Practically it is impossible to hire secretaries for them, but you can hire a concierge company who will act and work just like a personal secretary.

3. Not only you will be able to retain your employees for unusual longer terms, but also they will be more productive than they ever used to be.

4. Every employee wants a company that takes good care of its employees and comes with an extra perk. In the past, it was seen that the company that values its employees, always end up earning handsome profits.

5. How come a simple job can hamper so many things? It’s not real, but life has much more than to ask for, and it takes away an import part of your life, and that is time.

You must look for a concierge service company that has been in the industry for a long time and have got a stronghold in the city because it’s all about the contacts and links. You might not be able to gift your family a ticket of Broadway, but a concierge would do that. Dig more into the subject and find out about the world’s take and tales on it.


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