Handyman service, electrical fitting, or plumbing – these tasks look minor, but you don't always find time for them. But, don't you worry as concierge services are there to help you out.

Sharing my experience with you; it wasn't a great day for me as I was in a big spot. Well, it was my wife's 25th birthday next week that I was planning to celebrate in a grand style in my new apartment and give her the surprise. Everything seemed to be going well until I realized that a lot of things need to be fixed in my new apartment and I was running out of time. I did not want to delay the moving process at any cost.

From electrical fittings to plumbing to cleaning my new apartment, I had too much on my plate. And, to add to the misery, I was going to be occupied the whole week due to my professional commitments at the office. I needed a reliable team to do the job for me. But, to my dismay, I wasn't finding any and the clock was ticking!


Thinking all that stuff I was standing lost, looking at the calendar. “How on earth can I pull this one off?” I was questioning myself. Suddenly I realized that I am in my office when 'John' (my colleague) asked, “Hey pal! Is everything alright?” “Not really,” I replied. He asked the reason, and I explained the whole scenario.

Suddenly a smile appeared on John's face, and he asked me, “Haven't you heard of the concierge services available in our building?” I said, “Yes, I know Premiere Concierge is there that provides services such as grocery shopping, caretaking of sick family member, personal shopping, and home watch. But, my problem is different; I need someone to help me organize my home quickly and efficiently.”

John said, "Pal, you are talking about Premiere Concierge; what you have mentioned are not even the half of the services they offer. They provide the best home maintenance services, you know!"


Concierge Services


Wasting no time, I phoned the concerned person from the management team, and I was so relieved to hear that Premiere Concierge was able to take care of almost everything. I said to myself, “ Buddy, the birthday celebrations are on.”

As soon as the expert team of Premiere Concierge entered my new apartment, in just two days time, I had my apartment ready to move in. They fixed everything perfectly in no time. The Premiere Concierge team is indeed a bunch of experts. These people could even think of those things that I might have missed. I was amazed at their ability and professionalism.

The best part is that they actually did all that stuff while I wasn't around. Yes, Premiere Concierge did it without any directions from me. They not only made it possible for me to move in on time but also helped me manage the birthday party better than I had expected by providing personal concierge services.

On the day of the event, everything went according to the plan. That precious smile on my wife's face had made my day. It wouldn't have been possible without Premiere Concierge's professional help.

While talking to the Premiere Concierge, I also learn that there is a plethora of other services that they provide. Anyone who is facing difficulty in handling the errand jobs can book them. They can also take the best care of your property as they are pretty good at providing the services of a residential concierge.

Concierge services made it possible for me to have some memories to cherish for the lifetime!

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