It's lunchtime at busy corporate IT firm and Kevin, Head of Operations is on his way towards the staff restaurant. While he is heading for the restaurant, he passes the firm's concierge desk, which reminds him of the promise he made to his wife a week ago regarding a family holiday. Kudos to his hectic schedule, the promise has slipped his mind twice in a single week.

So, instead of rushing to the restaurant, he grabs a seat beside Andrew, who is employed by concierge company Premiere Concierge and discuss the kind of holiday he is after. Andrew has a wide range of options and, with Kevin's approval, he books hotel, flight, and car hire. “I carry incessant pressure on my shoulders while I am at work and when I am home, I want to spend each minute with my family,” says Kevin

For top executives like Kevin, concierge services emerged as an irreplaceable staff benefit that tries to compensate for their commitment to their jobs. The trend of offering concierge services to the employees is gaining popularity and is not just restricted as high-end amenities provided by luxury hotels. In today's cut-throat business environment, corporations are adding concierge services to their employee benefits package to ensure that they recruit and retain top talent, build morale, and increase their productivity.

Following are the benefits you will avail once you employ concierge services at your workplace:



  • Increased Employee Engagement

You will be startled to know the fact that an average worker admits squandering away more than 2.9 hours a day (not counting lunch) on personal responsibilities. This costs companies a sky-rocketing amount of $759 billion a year.

By hiring a corporate employee concierge, you can get rid of the time burden placed on the company's resources by their personal tasks. Employee concierge services like car wash, travel assistance, bill payments, home assistance, etc. can lower a lot of burden from an employee's shoulder, thereby hitting the perfect work-life balance for them and boosting the employee engagement.


  • Relieve the stress and get a luxury of time

Employees incessantly juggle work and life unsuccessfully, thereby building a mountain of stress on their mind. And stress directly hampers employee's professional and personal life, as experienced by 25-40 percent of US workers. Moreover, the cost borne by the workplace due to stress is more than $300 billion each year in health-care, missed work, and diminished productivity.

By incorporating corporate concierge, the stress level of employees will definitely lower down as reliable concierge will perform all those tedious jobs that bring stress to employees. Also, gaining extra time is a major stress reliever.


  • Increased Employee Recognition

A survey conducted by O.C Tanner revealed that employee recognition is the “key driver of great work.” Establishing a culture of the happy and motivated workforce is vital for consistent and better results in the future. And to achieve this environment, employers are looking outside the workplace to come up with amenities that recognize the employee's work and be a valuable addition to their lives.

Concierge services is a perfect choice to recognize your employees, thereby saving an ample amount of time and money, improving their work-life balance.

In a nutshell, employing concierge services at your workplace will enhance employee engagement, relieve the stress, thereby boosting the employee productivity many-fold. Even a study suggests that employees who use concierge services are 70% more productive at work.

At Premiere Concierge, we offer this delightful extension to your organization through affordable, high-impact concierge services for your everyday business needs. We understand the true value of time for your employees and our dedicated concierge services provide the fulcrum your employees, executives, and customers require for optimal success and performance.

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